Please meet Nova - her story consists of love, loss, and miracles.  This beautiful girl ran off and spent a month eluding capture; a month of extreme heat, severe thunder/lighting storms, record rainfall and run-ins with wildlife including at least one porcupine.   Luckily she was found in the nick of time.  The reason I'm posting in the "lost pets" section is because she has lost her family.  Nova's family did everything they could to bring her home during the 30 days she was missing; however, it wasn't enough.  Granite State Dog Recovery claimed ownership of Nova when she was found (instead of contacting her owners) and brought her to an emergency clinic where vets would not treat her until ownership rights were signed over.  Nova's family was not given time to explore options & they were told they could apply to adopt Nova back if she survived.   Within three days, GSDR signed Nova over to another organization who has placed her in a foster-to-adopt home.  From what we're told, Nova will never be a part of our lives again.  Don't get us wrong - Nova is receiving the love and care she needs to make a full recovery, and for that we're grateful. Strangers have donated time and money for this special pup to make a full recovery but this situation was handled wrong from the start.  Please help Nova see her family again.  She has proven to be so strong willed - such a survivor.  She is Super Nova - Nova Strong!  Listen to her story - share her story - allow the truth to be understood. 


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