NH Getting Ready for Hurricane Sandy

Homeland Security and Emergency Management officials urge NH residents and visitors to monitor progress of Category 2 storm closely.

So far the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season has been a quiet one, with no hurricanes making landfall in North American. But that may be about to change.

Hurricane Sandy, a Category 2 storm currently near Cuba, is expected to track north in the Atlantic and make landfall on the East Coast somewhere between Maryland and Southern New England, probably on Monday. But the National Weather Service has said the exact path of the storm is impossible to predict at this point. The storm could affect areas farther north.

“There is a lot of uncertain about Hurricane Sandy,” said Christopher M. Pope, Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “For that reason we strongly encourage New Hampshire residents and visitors to monitor the storm via news media and Internet sources and pay attention to where the storm may eventually strike.”

In addition, Pope encouraged people to review their home emergency plans and stock up on emergency supplies so they can stay in their homes for up to three days without assistance. He also encouraged people to remove lawn furniture or other outdoor items that could blow around in high wind and cause damage.

The major threat to New Hampshire, even without a direct hit from the storm, is possible heavy rain and flooding. This is what happened last year with Tropical Storm Irene.

Detailed emergency preparedness information is posted on ReadyNH, the state’s emergency preparedness website: http://www.nh.gov/readynh/.

State and local emergency management and public safety officials are making preparations to respond if Hurricane Sandy strikes New Hampshire.

Submitted by James Van Dongen, NH Department of Safety, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Concord


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