Martha Fuller Clark Cleared of Voter Fraud Allegations

State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, D-Portsmouth, has been cleared of voter fraud allegations following a report that multiple campaign workers lived at her home and voted in elections.

The state Attorney General's office said it investigated the matter and determined there was no wrongdoing, according to the Union Leader.

WMUR-TV reported several campaign workers listed Fuller Clark's home as their address when they voted in the November election last year. Those workers then moved, WMUR said.

Fuller Clark said she has frequently opened up her home to young people in the past who have worked for various organizations.

"I never had any discussions with them about whether to register to vote," she recently said.

State law allows people to register to vote if they "(have) established a physical presence and (show) an intent to maintain a single continuous presence."

Republicans pounced on Fuller Clark after the WMUR report. State GOP Chair Jennifer Horn called for an investigation.

Harrell Kirstein, spokesman for the state Democratic Party, previously said Republicans were guilty of "partisan hypocrisy." He said multiple staffers for Mitt Romney's campaign also registered to vote in New Hampshire before moving out of state.
Kevin Kervick August 27, 2013 at 08:27 AM
Clark never asked the Democratic Party operatives if they intended to stay in the state? Did she have a lease agreement with them? Apparently she did not charge rent either (or maybe a third party paid?). Does any reasonable person believe Clark's story? She should be brought up on ethics charges and resign in shame. The Democrat defense - Republicans did it too! No wonder most people have lost trust in government officials. It is one big cesspool of fraud and situational ethics. Clark is a cog in that disgusting wheel.
m estopinal August 27, 2013 at 12:25 PM
I am constantly amazed about all this talk of voter fraud. I need facts. Facts, just the facts. There is none!
Larry L. Daigneault August 27, 2013 at 01:15 PM
GOP and vote fraud go hand in hand. Now they hypocrtically claim there is vote fraud everywhere. Other than Ann Coulter's case of voting in the wrong county (where she was shacked up, not her legal residence) there are few cases and most of those occur in states (13-14) that bar convicted felons from voting. Nothing compares to the fraud by the SCOTUS to install the loser in FL and nationwide except 2004 when 5,000,000 Kerry votes were electronically switched and counted for GW. All that occurred in the 40 states which used a central vote tally computer and all exceeded the margin of error on the exit polls. It was scientifically proven because the other 10 states used the old fashion method of precincts heads phoning in their results, thus not subject to computer hacking. Johns Hopkins found Diebold was still using a hex-key source code MSFT had warned users, IN 1997, had already been cracked by hackers. GOP likes to bring up that crook John Daley (no liberal) and the 1960 election but ignores that Nixon never challenged Illinois precisely because of GOP fraud in the GOP leaning Springfield area. Towns there reported more votes cast than voters.
Kevin Kervick August 28, 2013 at 08:10 AM
Larry: As a supporter of Ron Paul and a small time reporter, I became aware of what looked to be Primary and Caucus fraud perpetrated against Dr. Paul by the Republican Establishment in several states. Now, given that we have what appears to be systemic Democratic Party fraud in NH and there have already been arrests and accusations elsewhere, are you prepared to work with independent reformers like me to bring these perpetrators to justice and put an end to this abuse of our Republic? Or, are you only interested it attacking one side?


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