Patch Launches GOP 'Power Outsiders' Poll

Weekly series will seek answers to key questions in New Hampshire and other early-voting states.

Influential Republicans in New Hampshire and two other early-voting states feel Michele Bachmann has gained the most ground recently following her showing in last week’s GOP debate and the Iowa Straw Poll. 

One-third of those responding to the new Patch-Huffington Post Power Outsiders poll of Republican voters in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina said Bachmann was seen as having done the most good for her campaign last week. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who is campaigning in New Hampshire this week, finished second with 30 percent.

Mitt Romney – who has been leading the polls in New Hampshire – finished at just 8 percent. 

Each week, our local Patch editors will be asking influential New Hampshire Republicans key questions about the presidential race, and we’ll report the results here. The goal is to get a read on what real Republicans are thinking, as well as some early insight into who will win the nomination. 

For more on this project, read the full report on our three-state survey here.

As senior polling editor Mark Blumenthal writes, "We are calling our participants 'Power Outsiders' because these are the people outside the beltway who have local influence -- which means real power -- as the election heats up ... Their opinions will likely have great influence on the outcome of caucuses, primaries and elections at the precinct, county and state levels."

We’re still looking to expand our list of influential members of both parties in New Hampshire. If you’d like to participate, email marc.fortier@patch.com and we’ll connect you with the appropriate Patch reporter.


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